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Sunbathing On The Beach And Safe Sunbathing – Tanning On The Beach

It is summer and the sun is shining. Most of us think the summer is the perfect season for a nice color, because a brown skin looks healthy and accentuates the contours of your body. At the same time, sunbathing can also be very dangerous. It is important to look carefully and know what you are doing to prevent annoying symptoms. Read this blog so well and you can safely sunbathe.

Check your skin Type

Safe sunbathing starts with knowing your own skin. One skin can have more than the other. It is therefore extremely important that you know well where you stand. In general you can keep the following rule of thumb; the darker your skin, the longer you can stay in the sun. Safe sunbathing is therefore a matter of knowing what you are doing. On the internet there are a lot of graphs that show how long you can stay in the sun . Do it wisely and inform yourself and you can sunbathe safely this summer.

Lubricate Yourself

Greasing is incredibly important. There are many different brands and factors on the market. Again you can use the following rule of thumb; the darker your skin is, the lower the factor may be. If you have a very dark skin of yourself you can smear yourself with a sunburn with a factor of 15. If you have light skin (with lots of freckles), then you should use a sunscreen with a factor of 30 50. So you always have safe sunbathing in your own hands. Do not forget to lubricate your back well. Often you can not be good at this and it is useful to ask someone to do that for you.

sunburn for safe sunbathing
Aftersun promotes safe sunbathing
Another tip that we can give you when sunbathing safely is the aftersun. Many people underestimate the usefulness of aftersun. Aftersun soothes the skin after sunbathing and it prevents burning. So as soon as you are at home, you rub with Aftersun.

aftersun for safe sunbathing

Yet burned?

If you are burnt .. then that is initially very annoying and especially painful. Prevention is better than cure, but if evil has already happened. Is it wise to deal sensibly with your burn. Lubricate yourself with a high factor before your door gets off. Stay out of the sun and take off a shirt when you go swimming. In the water you can burn extra quickly because of the reflection of the light. Do this until the burning is over and we hope that you have learned your lesson and pay attention the next time.

Safe sunbathing is therefore very important. Not only because you can turn ugly in carelessness. In the long term you also increase the risk of skin cancer and that is of course not the intention. Safe sunbathing is healthy sunbathing.

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