Reduce your breasts

A breast reduction operation can be performed to reduce physical complaints, such as back problems, neck complaints and shoulder complaints. Many women also opt for breast reduction for cosmetic reasons, for example when the breasts do not fit well with the rest of the posture.

The first consultation

To determine whether you are a good candidate for a breast reduction, make an appointment for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this consultation with the plastic surgeon you can discuss your complaints, questions and wishes.

During the consultation the doctor will explain what the intervention looks like and give you an idea about the results. To avoid disappointments it is important that you have a good idea of ??the expected results. You should therefore also ask yourself whether the doctor can show you some pictures of the results of breast reduction that he or she previously performed.

During the consultation the doctor will also examine and assess your breasts. The doctor also tries to make an estimate of your state of health to determine whether you are fit enough for an operation.

The plastic surgeon usually can not predict exactly which cup size you will have after the procedure. However, a reasonable estimate can be given.

The keyhole method

When less tissue needs to be cut away, the doctor can also choose to only make an incision (cut) from the areola downwards. In addition, an incision (cut) will be made around the areola, so that the nipples can be placed upwards. The scar has the form of a keyhole, which explains the name of this method.

The anchor method and keyhole method both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which method is chosen depends, among other things, on the amount of tissue that will be removed. When a lot of tissue has to be removed, the anchoring method will almost always be chosen.

If you do not have such large breasts (<cup DD) and so less tissue needs to be removed, you are eligible for the keyhole method.

Liposuction of the breasts

In some cases, breasts can be reduced using liposuction. The advantage of this procedure is that there is a minimal number of scars left behind. The recovery time is also many times shorter.

Liposuction of the breasts can only be successfully performed in women who have excess fatty tissue in the breast area. Breast gland tissue is too stiff to be sucked away, and this can only be removed with the help of an operation.

A disadvantage of liposuction of the breasts is, among other things, that the breast may become weak and more sagged after the procedure. With a reduction with liposuction no skin can be removed, such as with an operative reduction.

Apart from being an isolated procedure, liposuction of the breasts can in some cases also be a good addition to an operative breast reduction. This is especially done when fat tissue has to be removed from the arm cavity after the surgical reduction for a better result…

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