Microblading for beautiful eyebrows

Do not want to sign your eyebrows every morning? Then microblading can offer a solution. With this relatively new semi-permanent make-up technique eyelashers of eyebrows can be created that last up to three years. In this article 4elbowsrem.com/ has explained what microblading means, what the advantages and disadvantages are and for whom it is suitable.

What is microblading of the eyebrows?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up (semi-PMU). With this technique, pigment is applied to the skin, so the effect is long-lasting, but not 100% permanent.

Microblading is like tattooing the eyebrow, but unlike tattooing, the effect of microblading is more natural. A tattooed eyebrow is also permanent, which means that you are forever stuck to the set eyebrows. The effect of microblading lasts up to three years. Do you prefer a permanent result? Then you can opt for an eyebrow transplant .

Microblading is offered under different names. For example, microblading is sometimes called PMU hair strokes and in other salons microblading is explained as 3D hair strokes. In most cases this is the same technique.

The benefits of microblading

The application of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup has many advantages, such as:

When you do microblading, your eyebrows up to three years are beautiful in color and shape. This ensures that you do not have to sign your eyebrows, which saves you time. Microblading gives an extremely natural result compared to the previous permanent make-up techniques. Eyebrows that have been treated by means of microblading can not really be distinguished. Microblading is a lot more skin-friendly compared to tattooing eyebrows. The skin is not (permanently) damaged by it.

The disadvantages of microblading

Nevertheless, there are some caveats to microblading of the eyebrows. Some disadvantages are:

It is not possible to vary eyebrow shape when you have had microblading performed. The shape and color of your eyebrows are fixed up to three years after a microblading treatment. Not everyone can resist the pigment that is applied under the skin. It is possible that your skin shows an allergic reaction. The treatment can go wrong. When the therapist does not work sterile, the skin can become infected, for example. That is why it is important to always choose a professional salon or clinic.

For whom?

Microblading is possible for almost everyone, regardless of age, hair or skin color. Only when you are pregnant, have recently had chemotherapy or suffer from diabetes, microblading of the eyebrows is not recommended. Even if you are allergic to hair dye, you can avoid the treatment better.

The consultation and treatment

Before microblading of the eyebrows is performed, the specialist discusses the wishes. How should the eyebrows look like? Which color and shape fits your face? With a pencil your ideal eyebrows are drawn on the face. When you are satisfied, the specialist will start putting the hair strokes.

The eyebrow specialist works for about an hour per eyebrow. A microblading treatment can be somewhat sensitive, but should not hurt. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is red and the hairs can look ‘sharp’. The redness decreases after a few hours and the hairs look softer and more natural within three days.


Because small scratches are made in the skin when microblading is used, good aftercare is important. After a microblading treatment it is important to take good care of the skin and keep it fat. The specialist will rub your eyebrows after treatment with a special cream, something that you can repeat at home for several days.

Also part of the aftercare is often a touch-up, where it is checked whether the shape of the eyebrows is as desired. If desired, spots can be filled. It is recommended to do a touch-up every year, so that you enjoy your semi-permanent eyebrows for the longest time.


Microblading (or 3D hair strokes) is a relatively new semi-permanent make-up technique. In microblading, pigment is applied just under the skin surface using a sterile pen with tiny needles. The specialist moves in the direction of hair growth, so the result is natural. The hair strokes are less than a millimeter thick.

When you have microblading done, you are assured up to three years of beautifully shaped eyebrows that can not be distinguished from real. This is in contrast to tattooed eyebrows (permanent eyebrow make-up), where the result is harder and less natural.

Microblading is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, hair or skin color. Only when you are pregnant, have diabetes or recently undergone chemotherapy, this technique is not recommended.

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