Lose Weight: The 8 Golden Rules

Do you want a few kilograms or maybe a lot of kilos? These are the golden basic rules that are then indispensable.

1. Find your own way

Everybody is different. The diet with protein shakes that works perfectly for your neighbor may not be full. While your colleague is happy with a big salad at lunch, you’re in for a sandwich. So look for the ways of losing weight that ultimately best suits you and your life.

That does not mean of course that you do not change anything. If you want to lose weight, you will have to adjust your eating habits. Look for the changes that you keep well.

2. Leave the empty calories away

If you want to lose weight, start by leaving out the empty calories. For starters, these are added sugars. You really do not need them, they only deliver calories and no vitamins, minerals or fibers.

So away with cake, candy, soft drinks. And with alcohol , because that also gives you empty calories and also increases the appetite for snacking. If you consistently apply this step, you really save a lot of calories.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking water before eating helps to lose weight, according to research . That is probably because it fills the stomach well, so you eat less with meals.

Some drinks, such as fruit juice, soft drinks and sweetened yogurt drinks, deliver a lot of calories unnoticed. Do you often forget to drink water? These tips help you.

4. Eat a Lot of Protein and Fiber

The nutrient that gives the most satiety is protein. If you add more protein-rich products to your meals, you are less hungry again. Examples of protein-rich products are cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and legumes.

Fiber-rich products also keep your stomach nice and sweet for a long time. You can find a lot of fiber in wholegrain cereals, fruit, vegetables, legumes , nuts and (sweet) potatoes.

5. Move for an hour a Day

Moving for half an hour a day is the norm for healthy people. If you want to lose weight, according to experts, that is not enough. Aim for an hour a day. Build it up slowly and find your movement right in daily life : walking, gardening, shopping by bike. Everything counts.

6. Vegetables are Top


You never really eat too much of vegetables. They contain hardly any calories and are full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Really the opposite of the empty calories.

Aim for at least 250 grams of vegetables per day, but (much) more is also a good idea. Eat vegetables at lunch, dinner and in between. If half of your plate is filled with vegetables at dinner, then you are doing well!

7. Really Eat

Meal replacements, sweeteners and light products may temporarily help you lose weight. But in the end, eating really gives the most satiety and taste. Good food is something to enjoy, even if you are on the line. Try out new recipes and eat with attention and tranquility.

8. Do not give up Courage

Losing weight never goes well in one go. You will really go into the ‘mistake’. At a party, if your colleague’s birthday, during a holiday or because you are sad and grabs the chocolate. Do not think after one piece of cake that your day is already ruined, so you can eat even more. The art of losing weight is that you pick up the thread again after such a mistake.

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