Increase growth hormone!

The human growth hormone is a hormone that occurs in the gland of our brains. The growth hormone is responsible for repairing cells and tissues, it stimulates muscle building , but mainly plays a role in fat burning . When your body produces a lot of growth hormone, it is therefore beneficial if you want to lose weight . Below are 5 tips for increasing your growth hormone.

5 tips to increase your growth hormone!

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting , or for a period of absolutely nothing to eat or drink that calories gives a big peak in the growth hormone. This study showed that a 24-hour fixed period in women led to a growth hormone increase of no less than 1300% and in men even more, namely 2000%.

2. Sleep in the dark

When you sleep, make sure it is as dark as possible. When it is not completely dark, this disturbs the melatonin production during your night’s rest . Melatonin is the hormone that affects your sleep-wake rhythm. Melatonin production starts at night and helps us to sleep . When the production of this hormone is optimal, this also increases the production of the growth hormone.

3. Interval training

Research shows that more growth hormone is released during short intensive interval cardio training than with constant and long-term cardio sessions. This means that it is much more productive, for example, to do short interval sprints instead of running for an hour at a leisurely pace.

This not only increases the growth hormone, it also saves you a lot of ‘precious’ time. In addition, your metabolism with such interval training will continue to increase for a considerable time after your training, which is much less the case with constant cardio sessions.

4. Strength training

Together with a good night’s rest , strength training is probably the best way to increase your growth hormone. Try to train as heavily and intensively as possible (of course, pay attention to your technique), with which your body produces the most growth hormone. The basis of your training schedule should consist of the large compound exercises .

These are the exercises that load multiple muscle groups at the same time and give a strong boost to the growth hormone such as the bench press , squat and deadlift .

5. Nutrition

Finally, healthy nutrition should not be underestimated when raising your growth hormone. Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible and eat mainly natural products. Provide sufficient protein in your diet and supplement this with healthy fats and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index .

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