Lose weight due to cold: smart trick or myth?

It is one of those smart ‘waste tricks’ that has popped up a lot again in recent weeks: losing weight due to cold weather. In short, the idea that you burn extra calories is caused by cold. Whether you set the thermostat a few degrees lower or drink ice cold water : you would lose ‘automatic’ fat.

That sounds so nice of course that it is almost suspicious. Do you easily get rid of that belly by just pulling your sweater off? We explain below where that theory comes from – and to what extent it is true!

Lose weight due to cold

A lot of methods are wandering online to lose weight using cold. That way you should exercise outdoors in the winter, in the low temperatures. Other options are to take a cold shower daily, lower the heating by five degrees, or drink ice cold water.

Various explanations are given that explain why this works. We briefly mention the three most important ones below:

1. More calories for heat

Most of the calories you burn consume your resting metabolism. These are the basic tasks that your body always has to carry out, even if you do not do anything. Think of the beating of your heart and your digestion , but also maintaining your body temperature.

The latter would now make it possible to lose weight through the cold. When your environment gets colder, your body has to work harder to keep itself warm. And that means you use more energy – and burn more calories.

2. Bibling costs energy

Do you make it so fierce that you even shake up? Then it goes completely hard with the extra calories you burn. After all, bragging is a pretty intensive movement, where your entire body is put to work. Estimates suggest that you burn up to three times as much energy with it.

3. White and brown fat

Finally, that cold would ensure that your body also gets that extra energy from fat cells more easily. In short: in your body you have white and brown fat. White fat is passive storage of energy; it takes some effort to burn it. However, brown fat can be converted directly into heat.

Now it turns out that your body converts white fat into brown fat under the influence of cold. This suggests that you will see visible results sooner if, for example, you are sporting in the cold.

Fact or fable?

Sounds fantastic, but is it right? Unfortunately, there are still some snakes to sit under the grass. Yes, cold causes more fat burning , but we can add the following four comments:

1. No big difference

The main problem: so much does not matter that cold. At rest you burn about 50 to 100 calories per hour at comfortable temperatures. Even if that quantity rises a few percent, the effect is therefore rather minimal!

The same applies, for example, to drinking cold water. Your incineration goes up there too, but calculated that amounts to 4 to 7 kcal per glass. That does not put a lot of effort on the dike!

2. Movement nullifies the effect

But if you then exercise in the cold? If you move, your combustion is higher. Should not that few percent have any more effect?

Unfortunately: again not really. When you move intensively, it generates enough heat itself. Your metabolism does not have to work even harder to keep you at temperature. Difference is therefore only in the first few minutes that you still want to warm up. But again that does not make up kilos.

3. More hunger due to cold

Your body also knows best that it has to work harder. And of course it compensates for that, with the result that you will also get hungry soon because of cold ! An extra sandwich at lunch will undo that hour of chilliness.

4. Short-term effect

Finally, cold only has a short-term effect on your metabolism. As soon as you raise the heating a bit higher, that extra fat burning will stop. This ensures that the effect of this trick is extremely limited – there is no afterburning as with strength training .

Increase growth hormone!

The human growth hormone is a hormone that occurs in the gland of our brains. The growth hormone is responsible for repairing cells and tissues, it stimulates muscle building , but mainly plays a role in fat burning . When your body produces a lot of growth hormone, it is therefore beneficial if you want to lose weight . Below are 5 tips for increasing your growth hormone.

5 tips to increase your growth hormone!

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting , or for a period of absolutely nothing to eat or drink that calories gives a big peak in the growth hormone. This study showed that a 24-hour fixed period in women led to a growth hormone increase of no less than 1300% and in men even more, namely 2000%.

2. Sleep in the dark

When you sleep, make sure it is as dark as possible. When it is not completely dark, this disturbs the melatonin production during your night’s rest . Melatonin is the hormone that affects your sleep-wake rhythm. Melatonin production starts at night and helps us to sleep . When the production of this hormone is optimal, this also increases the production of the growth hormone.

3. Interval training

Research shows that more growth hormone is released during short intensive interval cardio training than with constant and long-term cardio sessions. This means that it is much more productive, for example, to do short interval sprints instead of running for an hour at a leisurely pace.

This not only increases the growth hormone, it also saves you a lot of ‘precious’ time. In addition, your metabolism with such interval training will continue to increase for a considerable time after your training, which is much less the case with constant cardio sessions.

4. Strength training

Together with a good night’s rest , strength training is probably the best way to increase your growth hormone. Try to train as heavily and intensively as possible (of course, pay attention to your technique), with which your body produces the most growth hormone. The basis of your training schedule should consist of the large compound exercises .

These are the exercises that load multiple muscle groups at the same time and give a strong boost to the growth hormone such as the bench press , squat and deadlift .

5. Nutrition

Finally, healthy nutrition should not be underestimated when raising your growth hormone. Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible and eat mainly natural products. Provide sufficient protein in your diet and supplement this with healthy fats and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index .

How can you get rid of belly fat?

It is important to do abdominal fat burning exercises in addition to abdominal exercises. Exercises that ensure that body fat disappears everywhere on your body. It is important to pay attention to this in order to achieve a good result. Focus on the belly and also pay attention to the other areas of your body. Because you burn fat on your whole body, you will automatically lose fat on your stomach.

To burn belly fat you can do different exercises. Let’s go through some of the exercises given by BrazilianFruits.Org for instant fat burning.

Way 1: Get rid of fat by cardio training

First, it is good to do cardio exercises. Think of running, running, walking, rowing, swimming and cycling (also on an exercise bike) to burn fat. Do this a few times a week for half an hour at a not too high heart rate. The higher your heart rate , the more carbohydrates and sugars you will burn. And you want to burn fat! So make sure your heart rate is not too high.

What cardio trainings can you do?

Exercise bike
Jumping rope
Cycling and cycling
Roller skating

All these exercises will help you burn fat . As a result, you will naturally also have less belly fat. Training the abdominal fat with cardio training is a good idea.

Way 2: Get rid of belly fat through interval training

You can also opt for an interval training to burn more calories and fats. For example, you run hard (or go rowing or swimming or cycling) and do this for five minutes. After this, you sprint for 20 seconds and you take it easy for 10 seconds to start sprinting again. It is very intensive and will ensure that you get more endurance and also burn more fats. However, build this up slowly. This keeps it nice and you can also keep up with it much better.

Way 3: Get rid of belly fat by strength training

If you want a thinner stomach, it is important to grow more muscle mass . And the best you can train the large muscle groups of your body. Think of the leg muscles. By training the largest muscle groups more muscle mass is created. And more muscle mass means that you will burn more calories . Even if you do not exercise and do not move, you will burn calories.

More strength training means training off the belly fat. Firstly when you do the exercises and then also because of the larger muscle mass that develops. An additional advantage is that you will feel excellent after training.

Way 4: Get rid of belly fat with Intermittent Exercises

When burning belly fat you can do High intensity Intermittent Exercises . In short, it involves high intensity exercises with an interval. In Japan, it has been discovered that training with an interval at a high intensity will yield more results. In this way more fat is burned and the oxygen uptake is increased. The metabolism rises for the next 24 hours. The muscles work on the recovery of the body and provide for the supplementing of the energy level of the body. In addition to these exercises, you can do excellent cardio exercises and strength training.

Way 5: Get rid of belly fat with the Kettlebell

An excellent way to get rid of belly fat is by ensuring a good ratio of all hormones in your body. By making more growth hormones in your body you will burn more fats. During your sleep you make growth hormones. Even with the right combination of sets, repetitions and rest, the body will produce growth hormones . It is therefore good to stimulate the production of growth hormones so as to lose fat (and belly fat).

A Kettlebell workout is an excellent way to create more growth hormones. It helps you to lose weight in an easy and simple way. It has been studied in America that exercising with Kettlebell for 20 minutes is more effective to burn fat than running for an hour and doing weight training in a gym. And this is because through the combination of exercises with a Kettlebell you create more growth hormones.

It is important to do the right exercises in the right order. It is also important to do the training with the Kettlebell at the right interval with sufficient sets. Through a constant variation of exercises new training incentives arise. It is important to always keep moving forward. After six workouts your body is already getting used to the training. And then it is difficult to get windshield. By ensuring different exercises it is possible to get maximum belly fat. The abdominal fat burning exercises with the kettlebell must therefore provide sufficient variation to get stimuli.

How healthy is fruit

Three us vegetables and two pieces of fruit’ has been a healthy lifestyle for years. Eating fruit is natural and healthy. But there are many different types of fruit and they are not all just as healthy, of course. Which healthy nutrients do you encounter in the fruit that we eat?

In order to determine which types of fruit are healthy or less sensible, we will look at what is in fruit. Important things are: calories, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber.


One of the reasons for eating fruit is the vitamins they contain. We all know vitamin C and that you need a dose of it regularly, few people will contradict. Our body needs vitamin C to build a good resistance. In addition, it also helps to heal wounds and illness faster. Another vitamin that you find in fruit is vitamin A. Vitamin A also helps to build or maintain a good resistance. But this vitamin is also necessary to get healthy eyes, hair and skin.

In which fruit do you find the vitamins

But not all types of fruit contain many vitamins. You will find a lot of vitamin C in oranges, strawberries and kiwis. But in grapes, apricots and passion fruit is very little vitamin C. Mangos, apricots and mandarins are examples of fruit with a lot of vitamin A in it, while in blueberries, pineapple and strawberries there is little vitamin A.


Nowadays many people do not try to eat too many calories. And fruit should fit into a healthy lifestyle, where you keep an eye on your weight. Then it is good to know how it is with the calories in our fruit. Because one type of fruit contains many more calories than the other. It is therefore not the case that fruit necessarily contains few calories. So try to limit your calorie intake, so you have to be careful with your choice of fruit.

Fruits with relatively high calories are bananas, mangos and cherries. A banana contains about 90 kcal, a mango 80 kcal and cherries contain 55 kcal per 100 grams. Two fruits that contain few calories are passion fruit with 6 kcal and an apricot with 7 kcal.


Besides watching the number of calories, it is also very popular to limit the number of carbohydrates. There are all kinds of diets that are based on minimizing carbohydrate intake. Also when it comes to carbohydrates there are big differences between the fruits.

Which fruit is the best now?

As you can see, there is not just a single type of fruit to be called the best fruit of all. It depends on what you want to achieve with eating fruit. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can better go for fruit with low calories and carbohydrates. If you want a lot of vitamins, you have to pay attention to that.

In addition, variety in your choice of fruit is very sensible. This is because your body needs the different nutrients. For you, that is also wise. ‘Making food change’ is a saying that is older than most of the data in this article, but that still fits well with the advice of two pieces of fruit per day.

How To Train The Brain

Your brain, like all other muscles in your body, needs exercise and training. Many people do not focus on the training of their brains. Do you want your brain to be in shape? By following the following steps, you can improve the use of your brain, do “exercise” With your brain, keep it healthy before it gets too lazy.


1. Try to invest in a brain education video game. This is not the only way to train the minds, but there are people who think it is the best method. A few examples of video games for mental education are “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!” For the Nintendo DS console or “Brain Challenge” for the Apple iPod. These games work presuppose all areas of the brain, and can help you to practice it effectively.

2. It contains your basic problems and puzzles in your day to day. These problems may be with basic arithmetic, puzzles, crosswords or sudoku, but you do not have to restrict yourself to this. These problems require your brain to start working and not only help train your brain, but can make you feel better in these fields of knowledge (maybe with the practice you will be a master of chess).

3. This includes exercise in your day to day. Exercising your brain is not the only thing that can help you improve, but exercise with other parts of the body is also beneficial. Physical exercise also has benefits to improve cognitive functioning, which causes the risk of developing dementia in the future and other benefits. You may also think better, so physical exercise is a good idea to improve your body before improving your brain.

4. Have a good breakfast . A sufficient breakfast can have a positive impact on intellectual capacity. It has been shown that children who drink cold drinks and sweet foods with breakfast perform better in memory and attention tests. Eat a good breakfast every day, ensure that you have the energy throughout your day to exercise your mind and body optimally.

5. Limit the number of television shows you watch. If you watch TV, your brain is in the neutral. A scientific study shows that when people watch television, the alpha waves of their brain are in a passive state as if they are in the dark. Watch television is linked to poor performance. Why would you be looking for something like low achievement in your life?

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Safe Sunbathing This Summer You Do So

Sunbathing On The Beach And Safe Sunbathing – Tanning On The Beach

It is summer and the sun is shining. Most of us think the summer is the perfect season for a nice color, because a brown skin looks healthy and accentuates the contours of your body. At the same time, sunbathing can also be very dangerous. It is important to look carefully and know what you are doing to prevent annoying symptoms. Read this blog so well and you can safely sunbathe.

Check your skin Type

Safe sunbathing starts with knowing your own skin. One skin can have more than the other. It is therefore extremely important that you know well where you stand. In general you can keep the following rule of thumb; the darker your skin, the longer you can stay in the sun. Safe sunbathing is therefore a matter of knowing what you are doing. On the internet there are a lot of graphs that show how long you can stay in the sun . Do it wisely and inform yourself and you can sunbathe safely this summer.

Lubricate Yourself

Greasing is incredibly important. There are many different brands and factors on the market. Again you can use the following rule of thumb; the darker your skin is, the lower the factor may be. If you have a very dark skin of yourself you can smear yourself with a sunburn with a factor of 15. If you have light skin (with lots of freckles), then you should use a sunscreen with a factor of 30 50. So you always have safe sunbathing in your own hands. Do not forget to lubricate your back well. Often you can not be good at this and it is useful to ask someone to do that for you.

sunburn for safe sunbathing
Aftersun promotes safe sunbathing
Another tip that we can give you when sunbathing safely is the aftersun. Many people underestimate the usefulness of aftersun. Aftersun soothes the skin after sunbathing and it prevents burning. So as soon as you are at home, you rub with Aftersun.

aftersun for safe sunbathing

Yet burned?

If you are burnt .. then that is initially very annoying and especially painful. Prevention is better than cure, but if evil has already happened. Is it wise to deal sensibly with your burn. Lubricate yourself with a high factor before your door gets off. Stay out of the sun and take off a shirt when you go swimming. In the water you can burn extra quickly because of the reflection of the light. Do this until the burning is over and we hope that you have learned your lesson and pay attention the next time. Details Information about Beard Visit – mybeardguy Website

Safe sunbathing is therefore very important. Not only because you can turn ugly in carelessness. In the long term you also increase the risk of skin cancer and that is of course not the intention. Safe sunbathing is healthy sunbathing.

Lose Weight: The 8 Golden Rules

Do you want a few kilograms or maybe a lot of kilos? These are the golden basic rules that are then indispensable.

1. Find your own way

Everybody is different. The diet with protein shakes that works perfectly for your neighbor may not be full. While your colleague is happy with a big salad at lunch, you’re in for a sandwich. So look for the ways of losing weight that ultimately best suits you and your life.

That does not mean of course that you do not change anything. If you want to lose weight, you will have to adjust your eating habits. Look for the changes that you keep well.

2. Leave the empty calories away

If you want to lose weight, start by leaving out the empty calories. For starters, these are added sugars. You really do not need them, they only deliver calories and no vitamins, minerals or fibers.

So away with cake, candy, soft drinks. And with alcohol , because that also gives you empty calories and also increases the appetite for snacking. If you consistently apply this step, you really save a lot of calories.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking water before eating helps to lose weight, according to research . That is probably because it fills the stomach well, so you eat less with meals.

Some drinks, such as fruit juice, soft drinks and sweetened yogurt drinks, deliver a lot of calories unnoticed. Do you often forget to drink water? These tips help you.

4. Eat a Lot of Protein and Fiber

The nutrient that gives the most satiety is protein. If you add more protein-rich products to your meals, you are less hungry again. Examples of protein-rich products are cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and legumes.

Fiber-rich products also keep your stomach nice and sweet for a long time. You can find a lot of fiber in wholegrain cereals, fruit, vegetables, legumes , nuts and (sweet) potatoes.

5. Move for an hour a Day

Moving for half an hour a day is the norm for healthy people. If you want to lose weight, according to experts, that is not enough. Aim for an hour a day. Build it up slowly and find your movement right in daily life : walking, gardening, shopping by bike. Everything counts.

6. Vegetables are Top


You never really eat too much of vegetables. They contain hardly any calories and are full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Really the opposite of the empty calories.

Aim for at least 250 grams of vegetables per day, but (much) more is also a good idea. Eat vegetables at lunch, dinner and in between. If half of your plate is filled with vegetables at dinner, then you are doing well!

7. Really Eat

Meal replacements, sweeteners and light products may temporarily help you lose weight. But in the end, eating really gives the most satiety and taste. Good food is something to enjoy, even if you are on the line. Try out new recipes and eat with attention and tranquility.

8. Do not give up Courage

Losing weight never goes well in one go. You will really go into the ‘mistake’. At a party, if your colleague’s birthday, during a holiday or because you are sad and grabs the chocolate. Do not think after one piece of cake that your day is already ruined, so you can eat even more. The art of losing weight is that you pick up the thread again after such a mistake.

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Microblading for beautiful eyebrows

Do not want to sign your eyebrows every morning? Then microblading can offer a solution. With this relatively new semi-permanent make-up technique eyelashers of eyebrows can be created that last up to three years. In this article http://www.4elbowsrem.com/ has explained what microblading means, what the advantages and disadvantages are and for whom it is suitable.

What is microblading of the eyebrows?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up (semi-PMU). With this technique, pigment is applied to the skin, so the effect is long-lasting, but not 100% permanent.

Microblading is like tattooing the eyebrow, but unlike tattooing, the effect of microblading is more natural. A tattooed eyebrow is also permanent, which means that you are forever stuck to the set eyebrows. The effect of microblading lasts up to three years. Do you prefer a permanent result? Then you can opt for an eyebrow transplant .

Microblading is offered under different names. For example, microblading is sometimes called PMU hair strokes and in other salons microblading is explained as 3D hair strokes. In most cases this is the same technique.

The benefits of microblading

The application of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup has many advantages, such as:

When you do microblading, your eyebrows up to three years are beautiful in color and shape. This ensures that you do not have to sign your eyebrows, which saves you time. Microblading gives an extremely natural result compared to the previous permanent make-up techniques. Eyebrows that have been treated by means of microblading can not really be distinguished. Microblading is a lot more skin-friendly compared to tattooing eyebrows. The skin is not (permanently) damaged by it.

The disadvantages of microblading

Nevertheless, there are some caveats to microblading of the eyebrows. Some disadvantages are:

It is not possible to vary eyebrow shape when you have had microblading performed. The shape and color of your eyebrows are fixed up to three years after a microblading treatment. Not everyone can resist the pigment that is applied under the skin. It is possible that your skin shows an allergic reaction. The treatment can go wrong. When the therapist does not work sterile, the skin can become infected, for example. That is why it is important to always choose a professional salon or clinic.

For whom?

Microblading is possible for almost everyone, regardless of age, hair or skin color. Only when you are pregnant, have recently had chemotherapy or suffer from diabetes, microblading of the eyebrows is not recommended. Even if you are allergic to hair dye, you can avoid the treatment better.

The consultation and treatment

Before microblading of the eyebrows is performed, the specialist discusses the wishes. How should the eyebrows look like? Which color and shape fits your face? With a pencil your ideal eyebrows are drawn on the face. When you are satisfied, the specialist will start putting the hair strokes.

The eyebrow specialist works for about an hour per eyebrow. A microblading treatment can be somewhat sensitive, but should not hurt. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is red and the hairs can look ‘sharp’. The redness decreases after a few hours and the hairs look softer and more natural within three days.


Because small scratches are made in the skin when microblading is used, good aftercare is important. After a microblading treatment it is important to take good care of the skin and keep it fat. The specialist will rub your eyebrows after treatment with a special cream, something that you can repeat at home for several days.

Also part of the aftercare is often a touch-up, where it is checked whether the shape of the eyebrows is as desired. If desired, spots can be filled. It is recommended to do a touch-up every year, so that you enjoy your semi-permanent eyebrows for the longest time.


Microblading (or 3D hair strokes) is a relatively new semi-permanent make-up technique. In microblading, pigment is applied just under the skin surface using a sterile pen with tiny needles. The specialist moves in the direction of hair growth, so the result is natural. The hair strokes are less than a millimeter thick.

When you have microblading done, you are assured up to three years of beautifully shaped eyebrows that can not be distinguished from real. This is in contrast to tattooed eyebrows (permanent eyebrow make-up), where the result is harder and less natural.

Microblading is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, hair or skin color. Only when you are pregnant, have diabetes or recently undergone chemotherapy, this technique is not recommended.

That’S How Your Hair Grows

Hair is important for many people. But actually we really pay attention to our hair when there are problems with it, such as hair loss. And that while the process of hair growth is quite interesting. Did you know, for example, that the number of hairs on your head is already fixed at birth? And that your head hair refreshed about twenty times during your life?

We are born with all our hair follicles in place. Hair follicles can change size, but we do not develop new ones after birth. Men generally have more hair than women. The men have between 150,000 and 180,000, women between 130,000 and 150,000. Every day we lose between fifty and one hundred.

Hair Grows


Hair Root

What we call her are actually dead hair cells. The living part of the hair is invisible under the skin; the hair root. The hair root is stuck in a hair follicle, a kind of bag in the skin. Sick glands and muscles also belong to that follicle. The hair root is always under the skin. This determines the direction of growth. The hair is provided by blood vessels that supply nutrients. The quality of your hair is also determined by the nutrients with which the hair root is nourished. Hair grows on average about 0.35 millimeters per day and has a diameter of about 0.05 millimeters. Bearded hairs grow about 0.38 millimeters every day and eyebrows grow 0.16 millimeters.

Nerve pathways ensure that we feel that our hair is touched when you walk through it with your hands, for example. The whole hair (root and shaft) is built up from the inside out of marrow, bark and a scaly layer. Around the hair root is a root sheath. The hair marrow is very thin, the bark (cortex) is the thickest part of the hair. The bark consists of elongated cells that form strands, the macro and microfibrils. The fibrils are held together by a kit substance (matrix). They are separated by cell membranes. The hair mainly consists of the protein keratin. This is elastic and can absorb water.

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Her grows and renews constantly. New cells are formed at the bottom of the hair root. These move to the surface of the skin. They change along the way. Eventually they hear and form the hair shaft. The growth of the hair is divided into three phases.

The growth phase

Hair is in the growth phase for about two to six years, also called the anagen phase. In this period the hair root provides so-called ‘hair cells’ that are formed from all kinds of nutrients. New hair cells are pushed into the hair root canal one behind the other, as a result of which the existing hair cells move up and come out more and more. Hair grows about 0.35 millimeters daily and can grow to about 25 to 70 centimeters in the growth phase. About 85 to 90 percent of our hair is in the growth phase.

Transition phase

In the transition phase, or catagen phase, the hair has reached its maximum length and is preparing to drop out. From this moment the hair no longer grows. The hair follicle shrinks, the skin surface is closed, as it were, and the hair root is less firmly anchored in the skin. The transition phase lasts one to two weeks. Only 1 to 3 percent of all your hair is in the transition phase.

The rest phase

The resting phase, or the telogen phase, is the last phase in the hair cycle. The old hairs are emitted by new hairs in this resting phase. However, the hair will remain in the resting phase for about one to three months before it fails.

This whole process repeats itself about twenty times. This means that baldness will occur earlier in people with a short growth phase than in people with a long growth phase.

And the color?

In the hair bark are dyes, melanin, which provide the color of our hair. The color is made at the bottom of the hair root by pigment cells and slides out with the growth of the hair. There are two types of melanin that occur in the hair in different proportions. People with dark hair have more eumelanin, people with blond or red hair have more phaeomelanin.

The Success Behind Protein Shakes

If you want to breed sports or more muscles, you will soon be confronted with the term proteins. For many, this krachbron is known as the muscle grower. Not so strange, when you consider that you can buy protein shakes with large bodybuilders on the packaging almost everywhere. But proteins do more than just grow muscles. The secret unravels …

First of all an explanation about protein. Proteins are indispensable for your body. It is an important nutrient and building material, it delivers calories and amino acids that your body needs to function. Proteins are mainly in meat and fish, but also in products such as bread and legumes. You can consider buying protein shakes if you do not get enough of these products.

What are proteins?

Proteins are in fact converted to amino acids. These acids support body cells. For the construction and repair of body cells, proteins are essential. Muscle production but also bones, blood, hair and nails all happens through protein. Without proteins you simply can not survive.

Proteins and muscles

That protein is therefore only known as a muscle builder is not entirely justified but can be explained. Proteins are the power behind building muscle cells. Buying protein shakes, especially among bodybuilders, is a normal course of events, now seems a lot more logical. You can simply promote muscle building and recovery by taking proteins.

Weight loss and proteins are closely related. Why actually? Proteins saturate more than carbohydrates or fats. This makes a full feeling faster, important when taking food. The faster you are full, the less you eat and the less fast you have appetite for food. Buying protein shakes is therefore ideal for eating less and not having a hunger feeling!

Good for your body

Proteins are therefore good for many functionalities in the body. It is important that you get enough of it. For those who eat little meat and fish, buying protein shakes is ideal. This way you keep your health well on level. Muscle growth can therefore be done well with protein shakes, but other bodily functions can not be done without proteins.

Protein-rich diet

The food industry plays a lot on the need for protein. Those who search for protein shakes on the internet are still short of thousands of results. If you want to buy safe and reliable protein shakes, you can take a look at Dr Ajina website. A platform for food supplements that only contain products that have been checked by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.